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Introduction to Sygma's Governance


We believe that in order to be a trustworthy and reliable backbone for cross-chain applications, Sygma has to be governed in a fair, transparent, and pluralist way. We believe that the cross-chain space can only prosper if the respective protocols are governed by a diverse group of contributors with dedicated measures in place that prevent accumulation of governance power.

We are very mindful about the current tendency in the space to allow large financial institutions and liquidity providers to exercise significant control over infrastructure-type protocols. The Governance-as-Capital ideology has proven to lead to suboptimal and biased governance decisions.


See Cryptonetwork Governance As Capital for an introduction on Governance-as-Capital and this Uniswap governance vote for an example on what can go wrong.

Relayer Network Administration

Becoming a relayer in the Sygma network is currently a permissioned process. You can find more information around the current relaying partners as well as how to become a partner in Becoming A Relayer Partner.