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Sygma, like the Greek letter sigma (Σ), alludes to summation, the adding up of many things.

Sygma is a multi-purpose interoperability layer that supports developers in building cross-chain dApps.

Since its inception, Sygma has advanced with its end-users in mind. This means ensuring optimal UX for every dApp, no-vendor lock-ins, and greater extensibility between disparate ecosystems.

At its core, Sygma is committed to operating transparently, ethically, and sustainably for the betterment of the decentralized web. To this end, Sygma focuses on areas of high unmet value exchange. It leverages its team of diverse experts to build the critical infrastructure needed to power cross-chain communication — efficiently, securely, and reliably.

You can learn more from our official announcement blog post, our website, and our Sygma Discord.