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Future State

Decentralizing Sygma's Governance

Our vision is that Sygma becomes the ‘Builders' Bridge’. In order to deliver on that vision, we plan to follow a path of gradual decentralization of the protocol. We plan to decentralize in two steps:

  1. Governance by Network Operators (Q3/2023) The goal of this phase is to enable all parties that operate a relayer for Sygma to participate in protocol governance. Every relaying partner that is onboarded to Sygma will participate in the protocol administration as outlined in the previous Protocol Administration sections.

  2. Extend Governance to Contributors In this phase, we will extend Sygma governance to other contributors such as builders, community members, and projects that have integrated Sygma and contributed to its usage. Furthermore, we aim to make ‘Becoming a Relayer’ a permissionless process enabling anybody to participate in protocol operation and governance.

We are extremely excited about starting conversations around governance with our community soon. Based on those discussions, we plan to announce our roadmap for decentralizing the protocol governance in Q3/2023.