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Sygma Explorer


The following section provides details on the Sygma explorer.


The Sygma ecosystem provisions an explorer that can be used to track all mainnet Sygma transactions. The explorer works for all supported networks in both EVM and Substrate environments. Previously, tracking these transactions required the use of multiple block explorers in different environments, such as Etherscan or PolkadotJS. Housing all Sygma mainnet transactions under one UI improves overall user & developer experience, transparency, and builds a pathway forward for better analytics and tracking on protocol metrics such as total value locked (TVL) and transaction volume. As the Sygma ecosystem expands to include additional blockchain networks, you can expect to be able to track all manners of Sygma transaction types (fungible, non-fungible, GMP), fees levied, volume, and other pertinent data points to assess the health and liveness of the Sygma network.

Explorer URLs

EnvironmentExplorer URLStatus


The source code for the Sygma explorer UI can be found here.