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Github Repositories


The following details a list of relevant Sygma repositories.

sygma-coreContains core Sygma logic implemented in GoPublic repository, audited; beta.
sygma-sdkTools to easily integrate any JS application with protocol SygmaPublic repository; production.
sygma-soliditySmart contracts used by protocol SygmaPublic repository, audited; beta.
sygma-x-solidityContains the zk verification contracts used by Sygma SpectrePublic repository, audited; beta.
sygma-substrate-palletsThis repo contains several substrate pallet implementation for Sygma protocolPublic repository, audited; beta.
sygma-relayerGo-implemented relayer servicePublic repository, audited; beta.
spectre-nodeGo-implemented zk relayer nodePublic repository; beta.
sygma-inclusion-proverSygma inclusion prover for zk verificationPublic repository; beta.
sygma-widgetCustomizable widget for public integration of protocol SygmaPublic repository; beta.
sygma-uiApplication TransferUI that uses sygma-sdk to interact with Sygma smart contracts and blockchainsPublic repository; beta.
explorer-uiExplorerUI is used to track and navigate Sygma ecosystemPublic repository; beta.
sygma-explorer-indexerIndexer used by the Sygma ExplorerPublic repository; beta.
fee-oracleGo-implemented service that provides endpoints to Sygma UI for all necessary data related to bridging fees.Private repository, audit underway (publicly available upon completion); beta.