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Recent developments in the Web3 space suggest that the future will be multi-chain.

Dozens of new ecosystems, protocols, and decentralized applications (dApps) have emerged to serve audiences with wildly differing needs. Our team has observed that current cross-chain and bridging activities are cumbersome for the majority of end users, and that most dApps do not support cross-chain operations. We believe that cross-chain extensibility will be an important building block for the future of web3.

To this end, we have created an interoperability layer to enable seamless communication for dApps across many chains: Sygma.

Sygma is a multi-chain and multipurpose protocol focused on building cross-chain functionality for dApps while ensuring optimal UX for their end users.

We have learned a lot of valuable lessons after years of working on bridging solutions. Sygma is the product of 5+ years of work within the blockchain space and draws on the deep experience and incredible talent from our engineering team. We have added extensive value to most of the world's top blockchain ecosystems, and this broad experience and perspective makes us uniquely positioned to build Sygma as a world class interoperability product.

We chose this name because Sygma will allow developers to interweave blockchain protocols in a way that gives users something greater than the sum of the parts. Sygma takes the notion of bridging one step further—from simple point-to-point money transfers, to an extensible, any-to-any communication protocol.