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Adding A New Token


The following section details how to request support for a new token. The Sygma team is iterating towards permissionless additions of new tokens in the near future.

Token Support

Sygma supports the ERC-20 & ERC-721 token standards, as well as native tokens in Substrate. The currently open token routes can be found in our Environments page.

If there is a token that is not yet supported and you would like Sygma to add support, please contact us on Discord or fill out this form - please include answers to the following questions:

  • Are you the owner of the token in question (i.e. contract ownership)?
  • Are you able to provide liquidity for the token?
  • On which chains do you want to bridge the token?
  • Are the tokens issued on all required chains?
  • Are you interested in full-service support to bring your token to all supported networks?

Based on this information, we will provide a proposal on a bridging approach and a timeline for adding the required support into Sygma. This process usually takes a couple of days.