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Becoming A Relayer Partner


The following section details the process for becoming a relayer partner.

How To Become A Relaying Partner

Currently, Sygma utilizes a permissioned process in order to add new relaying partners. These relayers operate under a trusted federation model. As there is not yet an economic security model that enables trustless participation in the relaying network, this process is required to ensure the security of the network. As the Sygma protocol undergoes decentralization over time, this process will become more and more permissionless.

For now, relaying partners are selected and on-boarded by the Sygma team. For more on relayer deployment, please check out the related documentation. Sygma is currently looking for credible entities that:

  • Operate commercial validator services
  • Have a vested interest in the success of Sygma (e.g. blockchain networks and projects that have integrated with Sygma to provide value to their users)

An SLA is put in place with all relaying partners to align expectations on the operational service to be provided as well as related service KPIs.

List of current relaying partners:

  • Our list of relayer partners will be announced soon

New relaying partners will continue to be added over the next months. If you have experience running validators and/or relayers in a professional environment and want to support the decentralization of the Sygma network, please contact us at: [email protected]